Sunday 1 March 2015

Everyone treats other people like dirt

Although everyone treats other people like dirt, not everyone treats dirt the same way.

There are those who ignore dirt, those who don't notice it, and those who fear it. Some people avoid dirt, wearing dust masks, filtering dirt out of their lives. Others stay indoors and shut dirt out all together. There are street sweepers, who sweep up dirt to throw it away. Cleaners scrub dirt off and wash it down the drain. Some people pick up dirt in a vacuum and trash it. Some are hikers, and walk all over dirt, then wipe it off on a doormat before going home. Others are diggers and ground formers, forcing dirt to conform to their will. Some people hate dirt, and keep their houses clean. Some people tolerate dirt, and clean occasionally. Some people are filthy, and don't care about dirt.

Some people are gardeners.
A gardener treasures dirt. Dirt is the life of the plant, and gardeners value it. Gardeners understand dirt, and cultivate it. They work with dirt, seeing it for what it can be and tending to what it needs. A gardener knows about the differences in dirt, and what to add to each to give it life. A gardener helps dirt so that it can grow something special, be something wonderful, and thrive in life. The gardener seeks enrichment to fulfil potential to bring out beauty and health. A gardener sees the beauty and potential in something when most people despise.

How we view something controls how we treat it. The value we place on someone and the potential we see in them influences our attitudes towards them and ultimately what impact we have on each other's lives. See what could be good instead of what is bad.

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