Wednesday 24 December 2008

Morgen kommt der Weinachtsman!

Greetings all and happy Christmas Eve. Lettucebrain is all about using your brain, so it may come as a surprise that I am giving some Christmas music recommendations here. But I assure you, any allegations that I am violating the nature of the blog are unfounded. As a matter of fact, music stimulates your rostromedial-prefrontalcortex. I have always thought one of the most interesting phenomena in existance was music. How does it work? Why does some music make us happy and sad? Why does one cultures happy music sound angry or sad to another culture? Why does music work?

Anyways, for some good old-fashioned Christmas techno and dance music visit the French radiostation Pulsradio at and click on the PULS playlist for the main station (substations are still playing regular techno and trance)

And remember: Santa listens to techno, and so should you. (unless you want coal in your stocking)

Radio la fraunce. daunce et la trauce! Puls radio. Puls Radio! PULS RADIO! P...P...P...P...P...P...P...PULS!

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